Sunday, August 9, 2009

Canna Foliage Gardening in August

Heat waves are hitting. 100 and high humidity. Phew! Oh well, if your soil is properly amended, fertilized and can stand back and relax. That is laughable because weeds take over instantly, but with foliage plants the show goes on and on and on! (But you would be somewhat ahead of the game plan because your plants would be lush...even the weeds.) Cannas are really having their debut now. Everyone cannot miss them. "Look at me I am almost six feet tall!" They love moist, rich soil. They look super with other foliage plants and grasses. They still have August, September and part of October here before the frosts take over they retreat to their very toes.

The above photograph I took shows cannas with New Zealand flax which is an added bonus for me because of their burgundy leaves. Love those burgundy colors...which there are a number of cannas with burgundy leaves, too, as you can see in the upper left corner.

Pretoria canna is the variegated canna and bengal tiger. They are like bright sunrays in the borders. Very graphic. We can't get enough of these fleshy large leaved plants.

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