Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bella Lugosi and Burgundy Foliage Perilla Gardening

My burgundy flowering Bella Lugosi daylilies are still blooming into August! I put the burgundy leaf perilla plants behind them and what a show. It's a rich color combo...and they can take the dog days of our August heat.

The coloring of the bella Lugosi is stunning because of the contrasting green throat. There are so many colors within the flower itself. Burgundy, pink, orange, and lime green. Gorgeous harmony. The perilla is a deep burgundy but the light bounces off of it and it becomes blue, lavender and burgundy. As an artist I could look at the colors all day. That is if I didn't have other chores around waiting/begging to be done.

Play around with your color combinations and tell me what you have found to be stunning plant combinations. I love playing with foliage colors and textures in the garden.

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