Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vietri: Living and Eating with Italian Art

We visited this wonderful little piece of "Italy" on Florida soil simply called, The Villa, and it is anything but simple. When you first step inside you are treated to the most decorative and beautiful painted italian dishes, linens and oil paintings. This shop is about turning your home no matter how simple or grande into an italian haven.

Italians like to make eating a rewarding experience. It's not just the delicious pastas that make a meal memorable, but also the ceramics the pasta is served and devoured on. The flatware and the linens are also to be enjoyed and remembered.

Inside I took this photograph of the painted ceiling and wall. Art is expressed everywhere around you. Bravo! Please see Vietri's excellent photos at the below websites.

To learn a bit more about Vietri's very italian artisans visit: www.vietri.com/artisans/artisanfeature.cfm
Some families have been producing their wares for many generations.

Vietri's main website, a must to see their dishes, and for shopping;: http://www.vietri.com/

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