Monday, June 22, 2009

Climbing Rose 'Blaze' Around Town

How to make the harsh elements of the city a little softer...You've probably seen the bumper sticker "Random Acts of Kindness." Above is an random act of kindness by planting the climbing rose, "Blaze" in the city. The roses are unbelievably healthy. It clothes the metal legs of a large billboard sign along a busy road. It then slowly drops it's petals on you when you walk by (on the brick sidewalk) for a touch of rose fragrance and to lighten your mood.

We have blaze roses here and they are not this large. I'm making a mental note to add more fertilizer...Giving them something to cheer about.

Climbing roses often have bare legs that can easily be covered with perennials or annuals. Wouldn't this be a knockout with lavender lining the edges of the fence? Adding more fragrance and greenery and hiding the roses bare legs. Yes, roses need to be dressed, too.

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