Sunday, May 24, 2009

Raised Garden Beds - Vegetables & Herbs

The potagers in Williamsburg, Virginia are way ahead of us up north. We just had a frost, mind you, on May 18th. These large cabbage plants are very healthy.

The great thing about raised beds is that you always improve your soil and by raising it you will have better drainage. Some people add all compost and have an instant garden of eden after they plant. There is an lovely ornamental beauty about these gardens, too.

This herbal garden is only raised up one brick. It has nice geometric lines and is appealing to look at from the house or from the sidewalk. One lady passed by and said to me, "I want a garden like this so bad it hurts." She was a total stranger but I knew the feeling she was having and also why gardening is so rewarding.
There isn't any lawn to mow in this Williamsburg front yard. How nice.

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