Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blue Pink Larkspur in Colonial Gardens

We visited historical, colonial Williamsburg and the larkspur stole the show. Okay the boxwood was a close second. Every which way you looked was a beautiful sight especially against all the whitewashed fences.

The farmers market was in full swing and these bouquets were being sold one after another. They come from a certified organic farm. Her biggest seller was her larkspur bouquets.

One little, hidden, backyard garden had this white love-in-a-mist, poppies, and yarrow at the larkspur's feet.

Look at these gardening boots. The gardeners there have so many layers of authentic period clothing on...tights, baggy pants, boots, jackets over long sleeve shirts...that it is a bit cumbersome in the 80F. weather. You know how gardeners are they will dress in about anything to get to garden like this gentleman above in Williamsburg. You cannot keep gardeners from gardening. A fact.

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