Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Gardening Beauty

Today is earth day and I went to the USBotanic Gardens in Washington d.c. to see what has happened in the last two months since I was last there. Lots. All the brown mulch is hidden almost by green. This is taken from the park across the street. It is just beautiful. Buds on the roses, irises, peonies, indigo and on and on. I ran from plant to plant just like the robin birds were doing. (They didn't have a camera though.) I ran because it was both beautiful and rain and hail was looming and did pour out abundantly.

Remember we were talking about my new love of mixing soft yellow and burgundy. They did it, too! And isn't it gorgeous? This will look great all summer.

Here they mixed the yellow broom with these deep pansies. This spring I got broom, too, and put it next to deep burgandy rhododendrons and the deep-wine ninebark. I am anxiously awaiting for all to bloom at once. Patience.

This is another favorite combination of and orange. I call this the tulip wave picture. All this right downtown d.c. for everyone to enjoy.
We also got a present today from the county. A very large recycling bin on wheels. Every residence here got one today for earth day. Thank you President Obama for not cutting back on keeping things "green".

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