Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Country Girl

Do you feed the birds? This country girl bakes and shares multigrain bread with her red hen. Speaking of birds my husband will say each spring when he finds large bags of wild bird feed in our kitchen pantry,

"Do we really need to feed all the wild birds?"
(Of course I have learned from my husband to field off unmerited questions with questions.)
Me: "Have you heard of ecology?"
Husband: "What?" (He volley's back a question, mind you.)
Me: Thinking...
Husband: "Can't we just buy food for our family?"
Me: "The birds are part of our organic gardening family."
Husband: "Do we have to feed all the wild animals outside?"
Me: "Is it still raining?"

I want to stop here and mention that I am so proud of him as he is actually reading gardening books lately. He might actually make the move from being a "Lawn Man" to a "Gardening Man".
One can only hope.

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