Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Westie Dog Boxwood Topiary Garden

We have made westie (west highland white terrier) dog cards, westie paintings, westie aprons, westie cupcakes and now I am making a westie out of boxwood. A living green westie. All of my boxwood cuttings are useful and I don't want any to go to waste. How about making a squirrel, too, just a bit ahead of the westie and the ball? Maybe some boxwood chickens scratching in my long borders? Imagination drives my clippers.

This is a section of a painting I did awhile back of the idea and now I am actually planting one.

Once a dog lover/gardener had some overgrown boxwoods and she had her scottie with her and looked down and thought "A ha. A scottie shape would be perfect." And it was after she had finished with her shears. She has a very large boxwood Scottie lying down and it is darling! A highlight in her garden. Mine is going to be much smaller since I am starting out with cuttings in a large clay pot.

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Doug Chinnery said...

thank you for your kind comment on my Blog - I love yours too, especially the paintings of your Westie, they are superb