Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tantalizing Topiary Tree Gardening

Near the United States Capitol is this small topiary garden. The trees are perfectly manicured. This is such a restful place for your eyes to rest in the dreary gray days of winter. We definitely need more evergreens in our public gardens. My favorite evergreens are those trimmed into fanciful spirals, lollipops and pompoms, and yes, animals and birds.

I went window shopping recently. Well, it's actually better than window shopping because you get to touch, feel and smell the wonderful scents of pine, cedars and spruces. Of course, boxwood has it's own unique scent.

All of these topiaries look great mixed in with other shrubs and perennials. My list of things I want grows longer and longer each nursery we visit.

This weeping norway spruce is a beautiful speciman tree. I think the price was $49.00 which is reasonable. All of these topiary trees look their best 365 days a year.

The french and italian gardeners knew how to mix beautiful scroll designs out with boxwood for the perfect window view. Any day you glanced through the many windows of the chateau it was a gorgeous sight. Whether you were the lord, lady, child or humble servant everyone enjoyed the same glorious view. Yes, some things are equal. Even dwarf English boxwood topiary hedges around rose gardens cover the stark bare legs of roses in winter. We all can have the same privilege at home if we use design and evergreens hand in hand.

What country gets credit for starting topiary shapes? Such a debate. Italy, France, England, Japan or China?

If pictures of gardens inspire you and you have some time to view many different gardens with just a click, and it's free, go to Britains Finest Topiary Gardens.

With that I am off outside with my clippers to take more boxwood cuttings before they send out buds and to trim my cedars, pines, and other unspellable topiaries.

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