Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prince of a Man

It has been a sad week. One of our family friends passed away on Monday and we attended his funeral yesterday. He was honest, patient, kind, generous, and God fearing. I don't think he had many regrets.

He had went to the doctor because his eye was weeping for no apparent reason. Many tests revealed it was a small cancerous tumor on his optic nerve. He was scheduled for surgery to remove it and his surgery was considered a success, but one complication led to another. Five weeks after the first surgery he is gone not from cancer but bleeding in the brain which was because of being given blood thinner to dissolve blood clots in his arm caused from a line put in to make it easier to give medications and draw blood from. He never left the hospital or intensive care after the first surgery.

The hardest part was seeing his wife standing next to the casket trying to be strong for her family. Her soulmate gone. Such a large part of her life missing. She stood beside him all their married life and now she stood beside him even in death. Love is strong.

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