Sunday, March 29, 2009

Foxtail Lilies

Six of these boys went into pots in a sandy compost potting mixture. They should reach a height of 6 feet. These towering soft yellow torches, or desert candles as they are also called, definitely grab your attention. Anything with a name desert in it pretty much tells you that they like/NEED sandy soil. Good drainage is a necessity and lots of sunshine. They don't like to be dug up and moved about much either.
Their clumping roots are star shaped and it's like planting gloves. A little unusual, but worth it when the show begins. More tall, yellow spike or torch flowers for the borders.
Speaking of yellow I saw a new yellow peony last week at a nursery for 99.00 They were huge clumps, but the price stopped me straight away. Back to the bargain bin.

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