Monday, February 2, 2009

White House Chief Florist- Nancy Clarke

When you have a love for foliage and flowers you often want to connect with other like-minded individuals. My connection is only through reading about Nancy Clarke and seeing photographs of her arrangements. Another dream job, I believe, but one with some stress, I also imagine.

Nancy Clarke has been the White House floral designer since the Carter Administration and is currently Chief Floral Designer with the Obama Administraton. Her job is not a small feat as she is in charge of designing, the arrangement, and the placement of all floral displays. That includes all State Dinners, private parties, the First Family's residence and President Obama's offices.

Her knowledge of the meaning of flowers, the meanings of the color of flowers serve her well. Nancy Clarke has an excellent eye for flower combinations. I hope the white house photographers have documented all of her past bouquets and will continue with her current arrangements so that she can one day pen a book full of delightful photographs for all of us to enjoy.

It's exciting to find out that there were greenhouses, or conservatories, at the white house. At one time all flowers were grown on the grounds that were used inside the White House. Unfortunately, the conservatories were taken down in 1902 when the new east and west wings were built.

John Adams was the first to live at the White House and he added something I consider valuable...A vegetable garden. We definitely have had some Presidents who were gardeners. Now I must try to find out if there are any records of the vegetables he planted.

See a sampling of Nancy Clarke artistry

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