Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions?

Fun is being in Florida on New Year's Eve and walking with the bunches of tourists, admiring the gardens, varied cuisine and the trained whales while they splash water all over us again and again! (Did you know the killer whales are in the dolphin family? Yep, I think I knew that at one time.)

This morning as we returned from our trip our boy westie ran and jumped up like he was wearing a red Superman cape. Dogs only need to wear bandanas to be super dogs. He's given us many kisses and hasn't stopped jumping up in the air like hot popcorn. He gave us a real welcome to come home to. So my first New Year's Resolution is:

1. Get another westie.

That brings us to the second resolution:

2. Convince my husband it is wise to follow through on resolution one.

I realize that I am back at the farm in cold weather, 21 degrees, while the swaying palms are far away, but that is okay. Half of our gardens are dormant and half are such a beautiful green thanks to boxwood which brings us to my third resolution:

3. Plant more boxwood.

Since evergreens are there for us month after month through ice and 100 degree weather more greens are in order.

4. Plant magnificent evergreen magnolias.

Once you start with resolutions it's so easy to make alot.

I hope you are still making resolutions, too. They don't need to be difficult at all. Happy New Year!

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