Thursday, December 25, 2008

Go Green with Orange Tree Ornaments

I hope each of you are having a great holiday feasting on delicious homecooked delectables and old-fashioned dishes. We had a spectacular dinner with our family here in the warm wonderland of Florida. No wonder Mickey Mouse lives down south here...No state income tax. Sales tax is 7 percent.

The Christmas trees here are naturally decorated with orange ornaments. Real edible oranges and also yellow grapefruits. We had some of the best tangerines that I have ever tasted. So large and sweet at a farmer's market along the roadside.

We did have a "white Christmas" in one respect. We wore white clothing so that we could still call it white.

Check back again as I've been able to get a good many pictures of tropical gardens here in Florida. Yes! I have even found a few rose gardens with little lizards darting around. A frog sits not too far away from me. I have not seen any alligators during my stay, (yet!) but I am keeping my eyes open and not swimming in any of the many lakes around here. Keeping to the pool.

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