Friday, October 24, 2008

Hazards on Roads and Floors

It has been an interesting week. My husband was in a car accident on the freeway. The insurance adjusters totaled it. No surpise after seeing it. Tonight on the way home there was another bad accident involving a small car and a fedex semi truck on the freeway.

This week I stepped on an banana peel on the kitchen floor. Why is it always humorous in cartoons? Why was the banana peel on the floor you might ask? See the cute, sweet puppy above, Sir Salty? Yep, he has this habit of retreiving banana peels out of the kitchen garbage. He loves bananas! I was carrying something and did not see it as I rounded the corner.

The peel and I had a moment together and then we parted ways much faster than when we met.

Here is sweet Puffin the puffy long-haired kitten. She runs in and out around our feet as we walk. She has been accidently scooted all the way across the floors like a powder puff. She weighs next to nothing it seems. She is growing up and purring loudly at all times. Kenya, our other Siamese is not sure she likes her too close yet. Sir Salty tries to be the go-between and negotiate peace between them.
Look at her eyes. As blue and brilliant as an eagles.

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sorry for the bad week! glad you and your hubby are ok!!!