Monday, October 27, 2008

Dog Art Inside and Outside of Town

Everywhere we went today we saw cute dogs and cats...some real and some art. The coffee bar at Borders, Seattle's Best has a nice little chalk sign up advertising Maple White Mocha. It sounds wonderful now that the forecast is snow flurries and rain this week. You can see it's a westie dressed like a Cairn terrier with a green contact on for Halloween! That is my take on it, at least.

Outside there was this cute Ohio license plate with a kitty and puppy on it. Check out the paw prints on the tag holder.
Then there is, Sir Salty, our very own cutie! Look how fast his hair has grown. He dislikes any kind of trimming around his eyes, but it has to be done. We are pleased his beard is still white. I believe it's from drinking our well water.

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