Thursday, October 2, 2008

Country Homesteading Princess Bliss

Every day of the year is bliss when you live in the country. Westies think so, too. I listed a new painting with Sir Salty and our two ducks in it.

We had to get up four, truck loads of hay bales from the fields the other day before the rain fell. The first load I stacked them 4 high which was around 34 heavy bales each load. Grandma was driving the truck and saying, "These are too heavy for you", but what were the other options. Mr. was at work and Grandpa was baling. This previously-owned baler compacts the bales like none other we've ever used. If you adjust the the string to be less tight and the bales smaller...well it's like 2 bales condensed into one.

After stacking the first load and then unloading and restacking in the barn I felt like I could not stack another. After a little pineapple-coconut juice I was able to think positive again and picked up the second 34 bales in the field and then unload and restack in the barn. For the love of sheep. All this for the sweet sheep we raise. They love the smell of the fresh hay and they baa-aa-ed encouraging me on from below the floorboards of the barn.

I felt like I might really be dying by then, but we managed to pick up a third load and unload with the wind blazing. I will say the fourth load was picked up, without much conversation and very flat leaded feet, and we drove it under the barn and let the rain pour.

The miracle is that the next morning I felt great just like this country princess and loved up all our animals along with our Westie, Sir Salty, who kisses each on the nose whether they like it or not. Believe it or not there weren't any aches. Maybe because we love it here or my nerves are beyond repair.

The next chore is digging up potatoes. Bliss: Living in the country.

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