Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bears and Foxes on the Prowl

How we love the country and sharing it with the rain, sun, wind, snow and our furry animal friends for neighbors and tenants. Foxes are not on the list of our furry friends. No. Just the other evening we lost one of our ducks to a fox. (Since Sir Salty is outside with us when we are outside we haven't had problems with foxes, but Sir Salty was bathed that afternoon and we kept him inside most of the afternoon and evening.) Remember Farley in the sequel to Charlotte's web? Yes, the fox came right up bold and was then was gone.

And...just the other day a black bear was shot nearby because (not on our place, though) it had attacked a llama and then attacked again later a 130 lb. goat and some cattle. We found out that this bear had an identification on it and that the game or park service had actually drove it to State College, Pennsylvania and dropped it off there which is a 2-hour drive from here. A few months later and the bear is back. The government agency said that bears normally eat berries and nuts and don't attack livestock. Since this one "had learned some bad habits" they said, it was done away with.

It would be great to have a heads up about problem bears; wouldn't it? Especially since our area is not known for bears. To think of our westie, Sir Salty going out at night for a quick stroll around the yard and confronting a bear. Knowing our tough doggy he would think he is the strongest of the two of them! See him in the photo puffing out his chest on the look-out. That's our doggy boy.

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Rowena said...

Just be careful Sir Salty! Maddie would be crushed if anything happened to you. Btw, today she's at the vet's to be "fixed"...poor thing...tonight I'll get a pizza for her dinner (she loves the crusts!).