Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hip Polka Dots Farm Style...by Candylei

Well, when folks get tired of milking cows on the farm there are still many other fun things to do. Here they painted polka dots on the pink silo and brought in antiques and set up shop in the barn. It's an eye catcher on the road. People just have to stop.

Here is the house not too far from the barn, but right on the road and it is painted with polka dot shutters. Everyone has to stop to see what this little beekeepers cottage shop sells just because it is so cute! Great marketing and fun antiquing. This is along a back road to the airport for those of us who don't want to sit in traffic on the freeways and would rather look at fields of horses. The name of the town is Lucketts, Virginia. All they need is a little nursery in the backyard and I would stop every time I passed by. On the weekends this little corner is abuzz with shoppers.


Roger & Kate said...

Maybe they should have the business name of Grandma Dot's

Candylei said...

True! They have a nice website which shows the interior of the house and the furniture for sale.