Monday, August 18, 2008

Brilliant Colors of Summer: Tomatoes, Glads and Westie

This is the bouquet in our dining room. These glads are so velvety and the colors are gloriously rich without calories! They shout out summer is here. Their other wonderful value is their long bloom time. Orange and cranberry red. Wow! I realized they were the same exact colors as the tomatoes I was cutting from our garden. We love the different colors of tomatoes especially when you want to use them as garnish or in salsas. These are so sweet just like they should be.

Sir Salty had a red hat on while he was napping next to the table. Round 'em up cowboy!

This westie is amazing. My son plays with him continually and I am amazed at how patient he is with him. Sir Salty loves all the attention and is happy to please. When they get outside they both run, run, run.

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Eat Well (was Teresa R) said...

The glads are beautiful! I miss mine; we used to grow them at our old house, but haven't here.

Mmm, your tomatoes look good! What varieties do you grow?