Monday, July 28, 2008

Westie types in a Blog Entry

Mom left the computer on. While she is upstairs I am looking to see what is so exciting about this small black box she calls a laptop. I mean I thought I was her "laptop" but I guess she has two of them. She sits in front of it and laughs, but sometimes she says, "This thing is so slow. I could run around the house ten times before this picture uploads." I know she could do it, too, because once two stray dogs came and chased our sheep and Mom showed them she could run just as fast and through bushes, too.

I must say there are alot of nice pictures on here and most of them are of ME. I can remember all of them, too. There is this funny site called and I know we are not to play with matches so I did not click on it. It looks like you tell your likes and dislikes. Do you think you could get really burned doing that?

I like stuffed animals. I have horses and bunnies, frogs, cows, a mouse, a cat, a duck, and a zebra. Every day is show and tell with them. I love bananas. I love, love, love cupcakes. I like tummy rubs and when Mom puts her hand on my head tells me that I am so sweet. I like it when my people brother plays soccer with me. (The balls always have holes in them for some reason.) I like real live turtles and frogs, but I think Mom is going to tell you about that so I'll keep it a secret.

Can you keep a secret? Sometimes during the middle of the night I have to run and jump on the bed of sleeping people and tell my family a secret! They are not very fun at times like this. "Down," they say, "Down, puppy!" And here I'm kissing them and everything. Then I run and look for the cat to tell her and all she does is open and close her eyes and stretch. I have nicknamed her the "Yoga Cat". I think she even practices breathing, too, because she purrs alot.

What I do not like?... I do not like doors because they get in my way when they are closed. I do not like strange cats who show up because we live in the country. I thought people liked cats and cats like people. I don't know. I do not like katydids which I heard tonight and thought it was some loud strangers. I do not like squirrels because they are forever running away with things.

Wow, I just finished putting my picture in and I think I could run around the house ten times, too...oh here comes mom calling for me. If you know of any westies who would like to email me let me know. We'll talk again soon, I hope.

Woof (xoxo),
Sir Salty


Jasmine said...

sir salty sometimes you scratch my legs with your nails but you are a sweetie so I can't get mad :)

Jasmine said...

sir salty you are such a smart dog!