Friday, July 25, 2008

Cupcake Commotion and Country Living

I'm smitten with fondant and cupcakes. I have a confession to make as well. When I used to see ladies in line signing up for cake decorating classes I would walk right past looking at each to see if there was some suggestion of what was so great about it in their eyes. I would be thinking, "Ho. Hum," and walk over to the fabrics (where they never have great 100% linen, but I am always checking) and scope out the new fabrics.
Now I must also say that I haven't taken any classes yet, but it is the creativity that calls to me in this cupcake decorating extravagana. Nothing is too impossible it seems and all is pleasing to the eye and mouth. And I can have as many westies in my home as I want. Even if they are only sugar and one real westie sweetheart at my feet.
We were in Florida and it is beautiful and the homes are gorgeous. The outdoor produce markets line up one street almost in Tampa. Yes, we stopped and purchased mangos, lemons, watermelon (only 2.00 and perfect) and bananas. They also sell tropical plants and palms, too, but not so great for the traveler to carry along.
Epcot was like going to Europe. Lots of the tourists are from Europe and they were a bit famished with the heat. The money exchange is great for them. I loved all the gardens and I was always looking at the shrubbery, flowers, and landscaping in general. It's great to go with someone who can pull you this way and that way so you don't run into people as you admire a palm or boxwood parterre at a fast pace . I carried two useful cameras. You cannot possibly see it all in one day, but we gallantly tried!

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