Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cupcakes, Dreams and Country Living by Candylei

Another cupcake trial. Yes, all edible. I made a beach tent/cabana out of fondant and Sir Salty is in it content like with his red ball and a starfish on the side. I might have to take a structural engineering class for my cupcakes success. These cabana cakes would be rather hard delivering.

I also found some other westie cupcakes, but they are different from mine. I looked through many pages on http://www.flickr.com/ and did not see in in over 100 some pictures. Yesterday I type in westie cupcake and viola~ there were other westie sweets.

A wonderful cupcake blog that I discovered is http://www.cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/
Mr. Sir Salty in sugar form is on there in all his sweetness. Then there is http://www.foodbuzz.com/ for all of us that like to cook and share recipes.

Below is my essay on the dream house...part of the dream we are currently living.

I don't have the vineyards yet. I am starting on the redwork. I love vintage pillowcases embroidered in red floss saying sweet dreams and love and the like.
We are all on the same earth, but our little "worlds" may differ.

My Dream House

(by Candylei copyright)

A little log cabin, surrounded by orchards hanging with sweet fruits with bees gathering pollen and leaving their sugary honey in the hives within the orchards, would be a start for my dream house. On the outer edges of the orchards there are oaks and firs for the birds and squirrels to feed on and trapeze about from limb to limb. Upon the hillside the vineyards laden with grapes, are perfectly trimmed and tied. All of the goodness and freshness of abundance from an organic harvest is inside the cabin. No sprays or pesticides spritzed about...It is a green world in more than one sense both inside and out. A dream house is not a dream house unless it is situated on the perfect site.

Back to the coziness of the cabin where the wood stove heats the water just drawn from the well fed by a spring. One of the comforts within is the furniture that has been lovingly handmade from fallen trees. From the same tree comes the wooden bowls that the bread rises in and the rolling pin from the tree that rolls the pie crust that holds the fresh, picked apples. A wonderful place where the best from the outdoors finds a place in the heart of the cabin whether it be on the table or the table itself or the cat who sleeps under the table.

A dream kitchen has a root cellar to store every carrot, potato, turnip and beet that comes from the garden. The coolness of the earth keeps them fresh, safe and at the ready for the gourmet cook. The kitchen window would be a deep one holding fresh herbs throughout the winter. The candles and lanterns provide sufficient light in the evenings to read, knit, quilt, or carve wood. They would give a soft glow of warmth that makes every object dance about in it's flickering rays of light. In the kitchen rafters holding trays of drying fruit. Strings holding green beans drying and swinging back and forth from the beams.

The bedroom would hold a plump feather bed with a warm, hand stitched quilt. Feather pillows with red work embroidered on them sit at the top of the bedstead. A wooden wardrobe with it's lustrous waxed and worn surfaces hold the lovingly hand sewn clothes of cotton and wool. There will be hand knit sweaters dyed just outside your dream cabin with the gathered herbs, leaves and roots.

The living room has a fireplace that you could cook in. Not far away from the fireplace the spinning wheel stands. A westie dog stretches out and rests by the fireplace. A dream house is not be complete without one or two.

Each morning begins with a rooster announcing the hope and joy of the new day. Grabbing a milk pail and going out to get some fresh, sweet milk, shortly after the rooster crows. Gathering some eggs in your other hand and going back inside the cabin for the freshest, unpolluted breakfast on the planet.

Each evening ends in the feather bed with your dreams taking flight in the coziness and comfort of it all. The owls and doves hooting and cooing and the spring bubbling such sweet melody composed only by nature.

The dream house is about holding, protecting, comforting, nourishing and refreshing the dwellers that abide in it. A place that brings peace and contentment.

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