Friday, February 29, 2008

Westie Art Journal & Cupcakes - Candylei

Hooray! Finally a cupcake only bakery has opened! It's called Georgetown Cupcakes and it's such a hit. No surprise there. Here's the great part...The sisters had expected to sell, say 100 the first day and they sold 800! Yes, at near $3. each. They had to close the bakery the first day for a few hours to bake more. The next day there was a line formed outside before they opened at 11:00am.

I'm keeping an art journal in a watercolor binder. It's a great way to practice sketching our westie in ink as I'm walking along beside Sir Salty! Westies are perpetual motion dogs. So, I have various 3 second poses that I sketch in 5 seconds. Simplify! Simplify! I'm learning very quickly.

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