Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Preparations and Candy Canes

Tis the night before Thanksgiving and we are all stirring--literally!

Some with a spoon and some with a candy cane.

I heard Ina Garten makes many dishes the night before

and then heats them up on Thanksgiving and things are stress free. Imagine!

I am afraid the meat would be a bit dry if I did and the things

that are to be crispy would turn soggy. 

But Ina published a book called Make it Ahead and she knows her stuff.

We are thankful for our family that will gather around the table tomorrow.

For those farther away, we will think of them too. 

Back to the pie crust.

Happy Thanksgiving


Ordinary J said...

Love your painting on this post:) I saw Ina's cookbook in the bookstore today and I am so tempted to buy it even though I already filled by storage full of cookbooks I never read.. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Cooking!!

Candylei said...

Thank you so much. About cookbooks...can you ever have enough? And gardening books too?
I am using a recipe today from a cookbook and altering it with two other cookbook recipes. Who knew it would take three books to make one dish?
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.