Thursday, January 23, 2014

Edwardian Art Dolls at Dictionaryreader Shop

We've had quite a week here of snow, bitter cold, and closed schools.
It's a change from the slushy wet snow, this week it's been white powder
and all of the skiers and snowboarders have got to be on the mountain top!
It was 3 degrees F. the other morning. That probably drops us down to a
gardening zone 4 this year!

Many other "good things" have been happening too. I've completed a few
art dolls from clay. One deserves another until I have a little village!
Do see all of my completed clay handmade, hand sculpted dolls in my shop.
They are brand new, but created with Jane Austen, the Federal Era and
Edwardian Era in mind where possibly tea was taken more seriously and
fabrics and books were discussed every day! My kind of day.   

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