Saturday, November 9, 2013

Westie Aceo Illustrations

It's Fall but we are thinking about Spring already. Thinking about seeds and bulbs and all things green and beautiful. Leaves float and twirl some days and other days the wind whips them by. Mother Nature is playful one day and strict the next hurrying them on their way. I want to get as many oak leaves as I can in the compost pile.

This year I am noticing how beautiful the Korean Dogwoods trees are coloring up now. Some trees here are almost fully decloaked but not the Dogwoods. It's November and they are center stage! They bloom later than the other dogwoods in the Spring and I cannot think of anything negative about them.

We have wood for the fire. Let the wind howl and bring on the seed catalogs!

(Still trying for one aceo painting a day.)      


Ricki Treleaven said...

I'm wanting to take a workshop for daily painters. Cute little painting!

Candylei said...

Thanks. Oh wouldn't that be fun! It's wonderful to one or two illustrations a day. I've been away from oils for too long.