Monday, October 22, 2012

Original ACEO's Here Dictionaryreader

Sweet little creations have been flowing

as of late from my creative space and heart.


Vera took a napkin and folded it into a chef's hat!

She is clever and fun.

Little Vera is a fine baker (whereas I am a better taster

than a baker at times) rolling out some dough

cutting out some round cookies when she noticed

she had a rather pumpkin face in front of her.

Her kitchen wall is painted with chalk paint

so she can write down the recipes as she creates them.

(I rather want a gray wall myself to doodle on.)

And her banner, well every day should be a fun day...

and it is if you are doing what you love!

How many times have you started a project to have

it take a turn in midstream...and the turn being for the better?

That seems to be me. Not sure that everyone

will think it is better but I do.

My son has had his third chemotherapy treatment and 

is halfway through them. Yay! 


LELO said...

You´re an incredible artist! Congratulations...

And I wish ALL THE BEST THINGS to you and your son.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your new works of art are so sweet! Your attention to detail is amazing.

I've been thinking about your son and wondering how everything is going. I'm glad to hear he's at the halfway point. It should all be uphill from now on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear an update on your son. I hope that things are going well as he goes through his treatment. Think of both of you often. Gail