Friday, June 1, 2012

Cooking with Lavender - Cookies

As if wild roses and honeysuckle perfuming the air aren't enough to make us giddy, the lavender is budding and waving it's fragrance outside and in the kitchen as well. Miss Lavenderina (my doll) is as small as my thumb but climbed right in.  She is what got me out in the lavender patch. I stirred up a quarter batch of lavender cookies. Drizzled Lemon frosting on and some lemon zest and they were gone just like that. Delicious. As each thing comes into season it's fun to make something on the spur of the moment to enjoy the fresh ingredients. These couldn't have been fresher.
We had two tornado watches today. The creek is roaring, but all of the plants and shrubs are happy for the rain and cooler weather. And we still have electricity! Yes! There are quite a few homes without it due to severe thunderstorms and downpours.   



Bonjade said...

Oh this looks delicious.
Do you maybe have the recept for me...would love to make them to.

Fine weekend

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hope the weather has cleared up over there for the weekend. We've had yet another dust storm roll in. :/ Your lavender cookies sound delightful. Best wishes, Tammy

Ruth said...

I was going to ask for the recipe but Bonjade beat me to it :-)

Zuzu said...

Oooo, I cannot wait for my lavender to grow so I can try making some of these! :)
Also - looking forward to your new blog!

Katherines Corner said...

how wonderful! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop Hugs and wishes for a beautiful week ahead.