Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden Topiary Art

Recently I stumbled upon these beautiful topiaries at a garden nursery.
I haven't seen a flower topiary like this before. Makes me want to get out the chicken wire and clippers and tailor myself  a green shrub flower. It would always be in bloom wouldn't it? 

A mailbox topiary. Too cute! I also like the canopy one on the far left.
Grow this up through your patio table and you would never need to take the "umbrella" down for the winter months.

So many ideas and inspiration awaits at most nurseries. Another great reason for evergreen shrubs and trees. Not that I need one. Connecting up with A Southern Daydreamer and her fun group of outdoor enthusiasts and Fishtail Cottage.

1 comment:

June said...

These are too cute Candlei! I think it would be great to have a green leafy mailbox, don't you????
sending many hugs...