Monday, March 19, 2012

Seashells Treasure Box - Vegetable Plants

My counter looks like a potting table.

A look I like very much.

The amaryllis was replaced with hyacinths.

This handmade sea shell treasure box

turns into a pot of sorts holding lettuce.

One of my new favorite sedums,

a beautiful chartruese color and

has the tiniest leaves!

It's called the

Small Leaf Gold Sedum.

I love shells.

Maybe you have a keepsake box

that you could put some life into.

You've probably guessed this

was from a thrift shop.

Two dollars and fifty cents,

but it looks like a million to me

cradling these baby letuce plants.

One of my tiniest bird nests

rests here, too.

How many more baby plants
can I put here?

Sweet scent of hyacinths

perfumes the air.

We will wonder what happens when

the weather goes back to normal

March weather?

I'm off to wander around
and find more plant pot holders!

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June said...

Your little planter box filled with all the greens is so pretty Candylei!
I love that sweet little sedum!!! The color would be striking with so many plants. It makes me anxious to get to a nursery to find one.
I hope you will be gardening in earnest soon. I think it will still be about a month before the nurseries here will carry very much, but then look out : )
sending hugs...

miss flibbertigibbet said...

Thanks for visiting me! I love your Westie paintings! They're adorable!