Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pink Cottage Flowers and Pink Paint!

I want to paint something pink. This small bouquet is a nice mix of pink, mauve and carmine flowers. (The perfect color for an English Garden.) It all started when I decided I want to paint something (a piece of furniture) pink. I brought home four paint chips from Lowe's and they all look super against white. Hard choices. Not really but they are all pretty and wouldn't it look sweet with 4 chairs all different tints of pink? Or mix them all together and make a new paint color? More hard choices.

Can you believe it's in the 60's again during the day but down to 23 last night? We're all down on our hands and knees looking for the little signs of awakening shoots and swelling buds outside. Inside for now it's summer with fresh cottage flowers. The nurseries are starting to swell with a few varieties of shrubs and berries.Some nurseries even opened a week earlier because of the weather. That is the nurseries who close after Christmas and then reopen March first.

Back to the bouquet a moment; did you see they only added one rose to it? A very sweet pink one!! We are having a little pink storm inside.

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Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I could use that cheery bouquet. I wonder if it's a seasonal thing, but I can't get enough pink lately myself. Those are gorgeous paint colors. I love the idea of a different color for each chair!

Ann said...

I'm lovin the pinks and mauves in this lovely bouquet. The paint swatches are so pretty. I agree one chair of each pink would be so pretty. I love your artwork and your westie pictures on the sideblog are gorgeous. I'm going to recommend your blog on my Pink Sat post tomorrow and I'm your newest follower.