Thursday, February 23, 2012

Decorating Tip for Indoor Potted Plants

Indoor plants and flowers keep me happy until

Spring arrives with baskets of bouncy flowers.

These gorgeous blooms are keeping me company

right now.

The white amaryllis bulb I got for 3.00 after the New Year.

It now has two stalks of flowers blooming.

That makes eight flowers!

I thought it looked good next to the orchid.

My dilemna to solve was the visible pot

after dropping the potted plants into

the vintage white soup tureens.

I tried a white sheer thin fabric like

a scarf, but it ended up looking like a sock

that fell to the plants ankles.

I looked around me for something else.

Problem solving without spending money

is always pleasant, and needful.

A few old books I picked up at a used

book store for art projects caught my eye

across the room.

Three pages for each pot were torn out

of the book and used as liners.

I think they look clean lined and crisp!

(The ribbon hides the title of the book.)

The hardbound book cost me a dollar

and still more projects are left with it.

It almost reminds me of getting nuts or

treats in a paper bag from a street food

vendor or country fair.

Don't be surprised if all of my plants will be

wrapped in old book pages now!

The flower petals on both plants shimmer like satin.

I've keep the white color theme and there is

such a ethereal beauty and calm in this room.

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Divina Chita Brasil said...

Beautiful inspiration!!

Debra @ Common Ground said...

What a great idea!! your flowers are just so pretty, and using the book pages just adds another layer of vintage wonderful! thanks for linking up to the party!