Tuesday, December 27, 2011

White Chair Farm

I'm looking at some very pretty whites.

These hydrangeas are gorgeous and came

from Safeway. There are about six-to-eight-rooted,

blooming stalks in each pot!

Martha Stewart planted some "florist hydrangeas"

in her yard years back (she tells about it in one of

her first gardening books)

and they came back beautifully every year.

That was way up north so I think we can have the

same luck down here in Maryland.

The blossom heads are huge and I feel like I am

looking at lots of frilly, flouncy dresses

whose collars and hems are trimmed with pinking sheers.

Two cane chairs are going through the refinishing

process and I'm really liking them. Soon we might

have to change the farm's name to White Chair Farm.

I do love the White Flower Farm nursery so it has a

nice ring to it. Or White Hydrangea Farm? Hmm.

Connecting with White Wednesday.

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Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Beautiful! I've never seen that variety of Hydrangea before.