Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brody Glass Co Bud Vases

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Today I upgraded some glass vases to a mercury glass look. Sparkle for the new year.

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I did this one first and then I did two more. Three is a charm after all! My gingerbread cookies there on the left.

These vases are readily available for pennies at thrift shops. I took them outside to spray silver paint on as we were having snow flurries. None of the snow stuck.

This Brody company made all different kinds of glass vases and some were colored and some were milk glass. The company started in 1958 and marketed their vases to the florist trade. The company has changed names a few times. I chose three the same height, but with different shapes. They really compliment each other.

With rose buds! I actually have one more step before they are finished. That is the antiquing which gives them true charm. Theses vases look great displayed on a mirror because you get double the shimmer.Total price for this is 3.00 (This gold mirror is in line for a makeover too.)

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Jo's This and That said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year!Love your post!