Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breakfast Delicious Art - Food

Sometimes I need a little pick me up in the early morning . Keep those eyes open. This morning I got out the pewter plates. Nothing makes you more thankful for nice china dishes than pewter. I love the old-fashionedness and the slate grey of pewter. Like I am waking up in Colonial Williamsburg. But they are heavy! Can you imagine hand washing a stack of these every meal? Pass the jam please and the cookie cutters.

I was given some Trader Joe's preserves (thank you Rebecca) and they are so tart and delicious. Like a day in May. Philadelphia Cream Cheese on my first toast and then added the star toast with raspberry jam. So delicious. Fully charged. Ready to leave my French Castle. ;-)

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Stylish Settings said...

This is so cute. I do love heart cut outs with fairy bread (sprinkles, 100's and 1000's - don't know what they call them in the US).
Thanks for your tip on washing the burlap before sewing. I didn't think you could wash burlap, but it would take the scratchiness out of it.
Kylie x

Anonymous said...

Such a cute and festive idea ♥ the kids would love it!!!

Mary said...

What a fabulously simple idea! I'll put it on my Christmas morning list.

Mary @ Sea Quilts