Monday, November 21, 2011

White Thanksgiving Dining Room

It happened. I painted my dining room walls white except for one wall. No doubt tomorrow I will wish I had painted it but tonight I still like the two tone effect. It's so bright in there it makes me feel ten years younger. It is going to be a white thanksgiving inside at least. I hung my little aceo size canvas of a pilgrim girl, my version, in a gray dress with a gray cat from the handle. It's simple just add a thumbtack into the back wood and tie string around it and attach other end to the handle.

The patina on the galvanized pails is sparkly. I've noticed that the more white a room is, the less you want on the counters. Just a few objects are perfect. This bucket is filled with thyme. The room smells wonderful.

The tall bucket is filled with a rosemary standard topiary. The back wall looks darker here than it is. It is a light khaki color. This was the original color of the dining room.

I will turn into a minimalist if I keep painting things white. Wouldn't than shock my husband? A ten years younger minimalist. Although I could keep bringing in plants, but I won't. The buffet cabinet will be full in a few days. The herbs will have to be in the turkey stuffing.

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once in a blue moon said...

i adore white...

plant too :)