Sunday, November 27, 2011

Vintage Sepia Photo Look App

Thank you Blogger for making it easy to catch the latest posts on the blogs I read. Tonight when I got online Minna from Blomsterverkstad introduced me to Old Photo Pro app on her iphone. (We learn so much from other bloggers!) I fell in love with her photo and immeditately went to the app store on my iphone and downloaded none other than Old Photo Pro for free and it took about one minute and I was taking old-timey pictures! Mina is a garden stylist that shares her art with all.

I have always admired Z, from the old grey mare, blog's sepia photographs for her white Wednesday posts. (I learned what pop-up blogger means from her blog recently). Now my orange pumpkins are instantly white in this photograph. It's neat how the photo looks like it was folded and came out of someone's wallet. Yet it's not seen paper yet.

My education continues...pretty soon I might be above average!

Tonight my feet feel like they belong to someone else. Nothing that a little rest won't take care of.

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