Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Calendar Frugal

Tomorrow is December first and this evening I gathered a few bits of recycled things to make an impromptu advent calendar. What we do for chocolate! This one is not so traditional looking but is fun and anyone could have one in a matter of minutes without running off to the store for supplies. The sweet little nest came out of the fir trees during a storm and it is so tiny and perfect. Had to add it.

For supplies I had left over white styrofoam cups from a shower. (I used a crayon to poke a hole in the center to insert fir twigs.) My collection of cinnamon sticks. Fir tree tip cuttings from the yard, and an empty starbucks coffee bag. I will tell you the scent when I was finished was the perfect combination. Fir, cinnamon and coffee with a tiny hint of chocolate! It's a wonderful little holiday decoration in itself.

I've never really cut open a starbucks coffee bag before, and I was surprised how pliable and wonderful it is to work with. It feels like a metalic fabric, not all flimsy like baking foil. It was worth forfeiting my free cup of coffee to make this advent Christmas calendar.

I cut little squares to resemble scrabble pieces and set them in the rolled up section of the cinnamon bark. They slide in there and stay. I could have used some twine, but this is what I settled on for the time being.

I have a little fir forest 'garden' on my diningroom buffet that smells heavenly and I also have a feeling I will have to keep a close watch over it. My son is excited about 25 days of chocolate. We will see who is the first one up in the morning.

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