Sunday, October 9, 2011

Roses for Lunch? - Beautiful edibles

Most of us know that rose hips are added to teas, but how many know that rose petals are edible as well? That is if you've grown them yourself and they are organic. This notion intrigued me. I brought in a gorgeous, climbing dynamite red rose for a taste. The colors were so striking against the white plate. I got my camera to join me on this unusual dining excursion.

I pulled off the petals in bunches and dropped them onto my plate, in a let's get this over attitude. What lay before me seemed too lovely to partake of. Food for the heart, yes, but food for the stomach? They represent so much more. It's true. I've eaten bright orange and yellow nastursiums in salads and not felt a bit bad about it. Roses just seem holier.

Instead of eating them I left a message that everyone understands. I love roses! These petals are now in a teacup on my counter. Maybe tomorrow I'll get up the nerve and make rose petal ice cream!


once in a blue moon said...

i have cooked with roses often, even rose pasta :)

Candylei said...

That is great. I guess I am a pansy today.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ROSE PETAL ICE CREAM?????? OH YEAH!!!!! Hi there dear artist! HOW ARE YOU? Thank you for coming to visit with me! teeheee...I always chuckle when I see your sweet COOL WESTIE!!!

Have a fabulous week! Anita

Millas hem said...


And yes. The greenhouse is absolutely fantastic!

Hugs Camilla