Monday, February 28, 2011

Got to Plant some Roses

Yesterday the forecasters said it might reach 70 degrees today. They were a bit off. I want to plant some Louise Odier bourbon roses so badly! First the ground was frozen and now it's a pond in some areas. I shall wait and think of fragrant, pink cupped roses that are hardy. So hardy they have lasted since 1800! That is the kind of roses I like. Super fragrant, strong and vigorous. Plus they are French. Win! Win! Win!

I did some more small watercolors. Since I am in a rose-crazed state you will notice my animal paintngs all love roses too! Hence my new blog banner. I hope you are all well and getting enough gardening.


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*off to google those roses*

Candylei said...

You will not be disappointed. I just don't have my own photograph yet. They are super!

tinajo said...

Love your banner! :-)

Hope Ava said...

Oh how sweet...your little dressed up creatures remind me of Beatrix Potter's sweet animals! Thanks so much for stopping by The French Mouse...hope to see you there again!

The French Mouse