Monday, February 14, 2011

Crochet Doily-How to Heart Cone Tutorial

Make this sweet lacy cone heart in just a few minutes. I've made some and now want to share this idea with my blogger friends.

Start out with a crocheted doily like this. I used a bright white small one.

Fold the left half under so that there is a half circle on top.

Fold the right side under so that there are two half circles on top that make a heart! So cute and simple.

To secure the heart shape. I used gingham ribbon. I went in from the front right side through a large opening then through the back side through another large opening (no needle needed). Come across the back and then start back through the back right side to the front.

This is how the back will look when the ribbon pulled snug.

Then all you have to do is tie just like a shoe string in the front. This is so sweet, shabby and cute! You've also made a cone. You can slip a flower, some candy hearts, or a ring inside!

Note: For a perfect bow turn the heart upside down and tie. Meaning tie with pointed end upwards to tie. Then turn back around and the bow strings will hang downwards instead of upwards.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Jenny Doh said...

OMG. So cute! I love it.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a cute idea for Valentine candy. I love it :D
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Jen said...

This is darling! Being a collector and crocheter, I can see the possibilities with this idea...I'm thinking massive wreath! :) THANKS so much for sharing!!!!


just LOVELY!!!

Have a nice day!


Hemma på Landet said...

Very cute. Big hug from me. :-) Stina


wow - its so nice - best regards from germany - has our paggage arrived?