Sunday, December 5, 2010

Designer Paper Dresses for Dolls?

I've been working with paper mache lately. It's a love hate relationship that teeter totters back and forth during my day. I love the rough bumpy texture most of all.

The dislikes are mainly one: It takes a few plus days to dry. Patience is required.

But it is forgiving medium. You can add on after it's dried. If you are antiquing there are all sorts of crevices for the antiquing gel to find. It is lightweight! It adheres to almost anything. You have to love it before and after the few days you dislike it.

Today on Christine, a dollmaker, pointed us to Isabelle de Borchgrave a Belguim artist. Do click on the link to see some pictures on google of her dresses. She is into every medium there is and excels at all she puts her artistic mind and hands to. Her paper dresses are mouth dropping. You can add fabric to paper mache, but to make a paper dress to go with the dolls is such a fantastic idea. More on this at a later post. For now I must worry about the hands and feet.

The above photograph is the creation that Isabelle de Borchgrave and Rita Brown made of Jackie Kennedy's gown that is an exact paper reproduction. Amazing. (Can you imagine the patience these two ladies have?)

*The best part is that Isabelle is coming to the United States. She has a number of books on Best of all a pop up book! Her website is here. You can buy books directly from her website. For up to the minute information about her work and visits she is on facebook


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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

And are you familiar with the French artist, Clara, from Le Jardin de Miss Clara? WOW, that dress is AMAZING and after work tonight, I must see this..dearest, it is so wonderful to see your visit and comment! AND THAT HEADER IS JUST DARLING, OMG these dogs just steal my heart.

I am wishing you a fabulous holiday season and do come again!!! Enjoy that paper mâching!!! Anita

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Thank you for visiting the blog! I'm glad to meet new people who are passionate about decor and shabby style! :)

Good day!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love paper mache.
You can dress it up (no pun intended) beautifully.