Thursday, October 21, 2010

Westie Dog and Ground Hog Day

The other day our westie dog boy started barking ...the kind of bark that says "I can bark straight for 2 minutes without taking a breath." I ran to the window and this is what I saw. The groundhogs here in the countryside are rather large and plump. (And this one might now be slightly deaf from Sir Salty's warning barks.) I went outside and let the ground hog run back down to his home underground. Our westie thought he won and rolled around in the grass and raced back and forth to me in a happy craziness.

Westie dog grooming. I've bought our own electric dog shears and I'm letting his skirt grow out long, but trimmed his back, sides and neck, which I think looks lovely in this picture. Now to keep brushing vigorously and keep the tangles away.


Wyatt said...

Wow that is a big groundhog. We don't have those. Good thing Sir Salty didn't get bit on the nose!


Candylei said...

Wyatt, thank you for stopping by. The groundhogs are big, and kind of slow at running!