Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White Wednesday Artist Diary

Another lovely White Wednesday today. Here is what I did in one hour today.

I tried to take some pictures of lace and leather which happens to be my skirt and my cowgirl boots. I think it's a great contrast of textures. My husband is not too thrilled when I wear these boots out to town with skirts. "Aren't they hot?" he'll ask. Psychology is amazing; isn't it?

Soon we had fur, lace and leather. More white textures. (I also found out you can only bend over so far and take a picture before falling over.) I made a mental note to get a tripod and use the timer next time. Hopefully I will not forget the camera and run inside. The mind is amazing; yes? Mine is full of goings-on and at times I think it's unraveling, but I graciously gather it back up and keep going.

Our little romp outside turned into a fur party. Just sit down on the grass and everyone climbs on board. If someone would have opened the gates the sheep would have been upon us too.

Sir Salty, our westie dog, is being patient and trying to share the love, but it's hard. Etsy says to share the love.

I can't believe how fast the kittens are growing up. They used to be these fluffy "antique white" balls just a few weeks back!

I ended up looking back on my camera of all the stored pictures there. There are about 60 percent animals and 40 percent people.

What came of our day was a little aceo oil painting of our siamese kittens. I paint rather fast and all in one sittng. I feel that gives a better impression, better brushstrokes and it's not overpainted. You have to simplify, just put on the canvas what's important.

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Natasha said...

I love those boots with the white frills! Your sweet dog is just beautiful too-what a cute name!

Best wishes,

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

What do men know about fashion anyway???..unless they're gay of course ;).... your cowgirl boots are great with your skirt.

DSS said...

You pictures are always amazing, but I dare say I wanted to jump into these photos and be with the kitties and Sir Salty in the shade :)

Anonymous said...

This is a charming the boots and frilly skirt! And of course your furry friends are adorable, always the best part of any day!


Becky Shander said...

The brushstrokes in your painting are beautiful. And I too love the combination of girlie (dress) with a bit of tough (boots.)

Kathy said...

Hello there! This is great! You have a terrific talent and beautiful dog/cats.
Happy WW

Sandi said...

I LOVE the white frills with the boots! I don't own any boots , but now am thinking I need some. I have the white skirt. Love it all and your humor is great! Loved the line about only being able to lean over so far without falling. That sounds like something I would do! lol