Thursday, August 19, 2010

Westie Dog Portrait Vintage Colors

My westie sleeps half on his bed and half off and sometimes in between those variants. It's like he is learning fractions....1/4 on and 3/4 off....2/3 on and 1/3 off...and these all make a WHOLE nap. As I type he is sleeping at my feet and his legs are moving and he is no doubt flying through the air to catch something.

Do you ever have dreams where you find out you can actually fly like a helium balloon? And you are dumbfounded in your dream that you can. I have and in my dream I think, "I can fly. Why haven't I ever done this before?" Of course I have other dreams where I am falling and always wake up thank goodness.

Back to my current westie oil painting. It is titled Vintage Westie. It has that old world look that I think would look great in a soft cream or white room. I purposely used vintage looking colors to get an antique look. And you know who is/was the model, Sir Salty, my doggy boy. This is him to a tee!

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