Thursday, June 3, 2010

White Wednesday - My First

White flowers have a cooling effect on us in the hot weather. It's 90 out so I'm looking directly at these now. The white snapdragons will bloom all summer into the fall. Yay! I love beautiful, sturdy flowers that don't fail. Plus they are an upright torch-goblet shape which looks good with blouse-y flowers that flop all around it...or just place them next to a boxwood hedge...boxwood is such a classic!

Eating after dark by candlelight these will be like twinkling wands under the moonlight.

I don't know why they don't sell more white snapdragons at nurseries. They mostly sell the mixed-color market packs. Up close it has a hint of blush on it. It's own, not mine!

I picked a few greys from near the porch and they look luminous against my white linen. So dreamy and the lemon thyme makes me want ice tea. I love this grey-green and white combination of colors. Looks so clean, crisp and fresh.

Look how dainty these seed heads on the dandelion are up close. They are ready to take flight like a flock of migrating birds. Good thing the sheep eat them and think they are cotton candy!

I am linking to Faded Charm, who sponsors white wednesday, for my very first time. A fun group of folks who love sharing pictures of white colored treasures inside and outside their home. Join in the fun!



Love your white snapdragons and the dandelion pic is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
~ Julie

Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Great WW post. I also love snapdragons. I can see the hint of blush, so pretty!