Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls and Their Horses Painting

We girls have an ongoing love affair with horses. It starts when you are little and continues on from there. We also love cowgirl boots. Pink when we're little and then our choice of colors change. I will have to just be happy to paint them for now. In Florida (where this post comes from) they graze alongside the orange groves and are just as beautiful as the horses in Maryland. I've not seen them running and playing yet, but then when it's 97 everyday maybe that time is after dark when it cools down...just a little.

I get a pang when I see all of the tropicals plants so lush here. Why is it we want what we can't have? When we lived in Hawaii I wanted roses and peonies and tulips and daffodils.....even though the gardenias were storming my senses with perfume.

But horses are the same everywhere. They want to be taken care of and loved and they will love you in return.

This painting is for sale on ebay. It's titled, Horse Hugs. What do you think these girls named their horse? They call her "Hugs." Kids come up with some very nice names.

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Wickedly Divine Creations said...

So cute. And yes we girls love our horse in pony sized