Sunday, April 4, 2010

Westie Dog Voted Best Model of the Year

Hopefully you've not eaten too much Easter candy by now. Our west highland white terrier, Sir Salty, has been voted BEST Model of the Year, by me. He wasn't always fond of sitting still for the camera. No, too wiggly. Sometimes he couldn't control his emotions and would jump to my face for the speediest kiss... which by the way would be only two feet away. Get a cat involved, see gray paw in foreground, and he is super competitive. He can outsit the cat even though squirrels are scampering about. Add some lambs to the photo shoot and he turns into a total show off. Stop by tomorrow for more cute pictures.

Happy Easter Weekend!


tinyrhino said...

That is one super wesite! I was googling around looking for some info on wesite "statues" and found your blog. I have a wesite named Gary and he is my 3rd child. My husband recently found this tractor trailor with giant westie statues on it, this is what I was looking for info on, being a westie lover I thought I would share it with you...they are amazing statues...

but I still have no idea where they were going or what they were for.

Candylei said...

Thank you for stopping in. Our westie is like our wild child sometimes when he's excited, but most of the time he's pretty mellow! Hugs to your westie Gary!